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Faizabad, which has been converted to Ayodhya, was also known as Ayodhya in ancient times. Where does Faizabad, which is Ayodhya, is the birthplace of Shri Ram Chandra Ji and the kingdom of King Dasharatha was also Ayodhya. Ayodhya's name is taken with great respect throughout India because it was the birthplace of our ideal man and Lord Sri Rama as well as his capital where he founded the kingdom of Rama. Lord Shri Ram defeated the kingdom of Ravana in battle and took over the kingdom of Ayodhya and established the religion throughout India. Faizabad from a religious point of view means that Ayodhya has a very sacred significance and this place is a place of faith. When Lord Sri Rama returned from Lanka to defeat Ravana, then the people of Ayodhya organized a very grand program to welcome him, which we will see today on Diwali. Millions of lamps were burned as celebrates and the whole of Ayodhya was decorated like a new fledgling bride or the festival of light is also celebrated as the victory of good over evil.

Ayodhya of going to Faizabad used to be a thriving state in ancient times.Dharmic rites were found in every person. Where is it that no one in King Ramachandra's kingdom used to lock his house because incidents like robbery, robbery, murder, robbery in Ram kingdom Sri Ramachandra had established a state in which there was no place for any kind of evil, there was a cheering of religion everywhere, there were rites within the people, respect for the elders and love for the younger ones. In ancient times, Ayodhya, also known as Faizabad, was such a religious city that even today people imagine in their thoughts that I wish we also live in a city where there is no crime of any kind, only happiness, prosperity like justice Things would have happened.

In the present time, the political importance of Faizabad which is now Ayodhya has increased a lot. If we say that the politics of our entire state starts from Ayodhya, then it will not be wrong to say that Ayodhya's name should be known not only in the state order but in the whole world. You people have started to know it as the name of Ram Nagari. It has been proved that Ayodhya, which was Faizabad some time ago, it was the birthplace of Shri Ram Ji and here a very grand temple should be constructed for Shri Ramchandra ji. It will be a very big tourist destination in the coming time and will make a different identity not only in the state and the country but also in the whole world.

Today the city of Ayodhya is again decorated like a new fledgling bride and the foundation stone and construction work is going to start again. There will be a kingdom of religion in Ayodhya and we will establish a new era and all these things in our event. And will affect things like party a lot.