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A Successful Birthday Party was organized by our team in Lineage Hotel Gomti Nagar Lucknow, on 31 March. We are especially thankful to Mrs. Alka for assigning this opportunity. Princess Theme Party in Lucknow is very popular between girls Princess Theme is the best option for girls. We see the success of Princess Theme party in Lucknow, this Theme Party is Best Option on her Birthday party and kids enjoy it very much.

Princess Theme is a Girls Theme in additional to this princess. Princess Theme is the best option for girls’ birthday party celebration, for many people, a birthday marks a day of festivities inviting family and friends over for a celebration with a meal, presents, and the popular cutting of the birthday cake, so for birthday celebration theme Party is the best option for your kid’s birthday. So we got an amazing opportunity to fulfill the wish of the baby girl and his ultimate parents. So we conduct the princess Theme Party for the same. Themes add extra beauty to the Party and make your party more memorable and special.

  • Normal balloon row was running around the backdrop as shown.
  • The balloons which we use in whole decoration are pink, white, polka-dotted and smiley.
  • Balloons and Stars hangings were used to decorate the ceiling.
  • The banner was placed on the stage as shown.
  • 15 Cutouts were Placed.
  • Pink Lyka cloth of 6*8 was used on self point backdrop.
  • Cake table decoration with balloon, props, golden curtain.
  • Balloon arch was placed at the Stage and gate.


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