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Top Wedding Planners in Asansol

Top Wedding Planners in Asansol

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Marriage is not only an occasion but it is the joining of two souls rather two families and two cultures and joining is something that we love to celebrate this moment fullest. The most awaited time of your life is nearing. You are all set to meet 'the one' for you. Two families are going to unite on the cheerful night of your marriage. Relatives are all excited, and the house is filled with a spirit of celebration and tempting aroma of flowers and sweets. Weddings, unquestionably, are the most memorable occasions of people's lives. You might have already planned on setting your wedding function in a decorative and fancy theme. Not yet? No worries, we will help you out!

Hosting a picture-perfect wedding celebration begins with a suitable theme setting. A carefully chosen wedding theme will make your marriage an elegant and distinguished event.

Hire the best wedding theme for your Wedding occasion:

The Royal Rajasthani Wedding Theme

Rajasthan is known all around the globe for its Rajputana and superb way of life and rich social legacy. Royalty is a word closely associated with Rajasthan. Be it the way of life culture, food, or clothing, Rajasthan stands separated regarding style and extravagance. No big surprise at that point the weddings of Rajasthan is a great issue! Individuals from over the world come to encounter the treat of a Royal Rajasthani wedding. The traditional dance, music, lovely wedding clothing types, adornments, wedding ceremonies are entrancing for any observer. The wonder of the wedding ensemble mirrors an elite interest. An appropriate Rajasthani wedding has various pre-wedding, wedding day and post-wedding traditions that are established in their old customs.

Flower Wedding Theme

Imagine an indoor and open garden full of flowers. Exotic plants and colourful buds surrounding everyone make for another romantic theme. A floral wedding theme or flower theme is extravagant and a complete bliss for the eyes. The entrance, walls, ceiling and dining area, will be covered with loads of assorted flowers and garlands, trees and poles brimming with contrasting colour tones are what make this wedding theme so unique. Even, the desserts and food items can be made to look like flowers, making for a treat for everyone at the wedding. Couples usually choose this theme around a special flower, like Orchid and Rose. The borders can be lined with Marigold and white roses, with floral props like peacocks and elephants and a floral 'Mandap'. The Marriage ambience cannot be made more pious and pleasant than the flower wedding theme. Ask for this special theme at your wedding venue and customize it as per the requirements.

Traditional Religious Wedding Theme

Bollywood has glamorized this wedding theme for a long time. Weddings in India are closely woven with religious sentiments and beliefs. Dedicating your special day to figurines of sacred idols, colourful flowers, and devotional instrumental music has its charm. Traditional wedding themes can involve everyone in their spirit of colours. Props, setup, decor and even food can be customized to suit this theme's ambience. You can even centralize the wedding theme around your sacred deity. This theme is an excellent choice for those who want an elite 'traditional Indian' wedding function. Also, a religious setting is sure to capture the hearts of elders and the young alike. This theme is available on request at any OYO facilitated wedding banquet. Make your marriage a delight with savoury tastes of Indian traditions with this theme.


Q-Why we should hire a Wedding Planner?

Planning a wedding is the biggest challenge nowadays and that’s why we would recommend you our Services for your special day, Wedding planner play an important role in coordination involves taking care of all the details of the wedding on the day of the wedding itself. Full-Service arranging includes everything remembered for Day of Coordination in addition to much more, such as managing budget, vendors, venues, and all the other details that go into planning a wedding. We have our own innovative Wedding Planning ideas to make the wedding successful and worthy. We provide you with the best wedding decoration services for your Wedding to make it Special and Memorable. We believe in delivering the best services within your budget.

Q- How can we plan a simple and best wedding?

Weddings in India are beautiful, grand and fun. And it requires great planning and expertise to organize it successfully Simple Weddings are some of the best weddings and very sweet. Planning a simple wedding means you can focus on a few main details and do them extremely well. “No unnecessary expenses and less stress”. when it comes to figuring out how to plan a wedding—you’ll need to decide how much you can spend on your wedding it depends upon the budget you have a plan for your wedding. Planning a wedding isn't easy, to plan a wedding you can contact a Wedding planner Company they give the best ideas and they will make your wedding the best within your budget. If you are looking for the best wedding planner then you should contact us.​​​​​

Q-What are some wedding services?

A wedding planner is not only a professional who plans and manages the client’s wedding but also makes sure to give the best wedding experience and arrangements. So, to organize a perfect wedding hiring a wedding planner is a good option if you want a hassle-free service and want to enjoy your wedding to the fullest. A Wedding planner is an expert in the field with years of experience and trained team who help you to organize the best wedding with much ease and comfort. Wedding planner services are best they give the best ideas for the wedding and help to make your wedding special and memorable.

Q- What is the best theme for Wedding Decoration?

A Wedding is the most precious ad memorable event for the couple getting married, their family and their friends. What adds to the beauty of the event & the venue is a unique and creative wedding decor. A carefully chosen wedding theme will make your marriage look special and memorable.

 There are different types of theme that you can choose for Wedding occasion:

Royal Rajasthani Wedding Theme

Flower Wedding Theme

Traditional Religious Wedding Theme

Q- What are some unique wedding decor ideas?

Wedding is the most precious and memorable event for the couple getting married. Your wedding needs to be out of the ordinary and totally special as it is an important day that will be remembered for years. 

Here are some creative and trendy wedding decorations these include:

Sparkling or colourful lights will add a magical effect to the wedding venue. You can also use a dramatic set of candles on the tables or the vessels at the wedding venue’s entrance giving a dreamy look to the entire venue.

Wall paintings and Other Pieces it’s a unique idea to decorate the wedding venue by putting classy paintings on the main spot of your wedding. 

Make a Family Photo Wall Choose your best family photographs to make a family photo wall at the wedding venue. Let guests know your best and beautiful moments in life.

Use Table Lamps – it’s a good way to decorate the tables and is perfect to fulfil your light need and décor.

For stunning and unique decor solutions there is no better choice than Events Bucket for the best Wedding decoration Services you should contact us.