Artist Arrangement in Lucknow

Artist Arrangement

To raise the glam of an event is through artist such as music bands or celebrities like film stars. They are good source to get a bulk attraction of audience for your event. And if the responsibility is given is given to the event planner you can have a beautiful event ....

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Entertainment Arrangement in Lucknow

Entertainment Arrangement

There is no Event without music, dance, dholaks, troupes. There are all sorts of enriching events spread over 2-3 days to tempt your guests. Whether you are getting event on a grand scale or in a small way, music and dance adds zing to your function....

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Anchors in Lucknow


Anchors are like a magnet that pulls audience towards them in whichever direction they swirl. Here direction is your speech, body language, sense of humor, vocal cord, etc. we have moth male /female anchors.If you are able to get balance in all ....

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Photography in Lucknow

Photography & Videography

We specialize in offering artistic & Creative photography & Videography service.Our photographers & videographers know how not only too concentrate on big things bus also to focus on the minute details and moment that are generally ....

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Hospitality in Lucknow

Hospitality & Transportation

Hospitality plays a vital role in any event. The ceremony is elaborate now a days and spans over a few days. Thus, suitable arrangements are required for both hospitality and transportation for your out of town guests....

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Catering in Lucknow

Exclusive Catering

Our purpose is to provide the finest catering in veg. food with Non.veg endless varieties. We serve our catering service for weddings, parties, small or huge events, corporate events, birthday parties etc.

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Flower Decoration in Lucknow

Flower Decoration

Entrance Decoration, Passage Decoration, Mandap Decoration, Stage Decoration, Table Decoration, House Decoration, Flower Theme Decoration, Car Decoration, Flower Bunches, Flower Basket, Flower Bouquet....

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Venue Management in Lucknow

Venue Management

Selecting an apt venue for an event is as important as choosing the right apparel and accessories for theevent. Event Bucket can assist in finding the right venue across the length and breadth of India as well as overseas ....

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